Dedicated community members, committed to your success.


School Board

The CASTLE High School Board of Directors plays a vital role in school development. Board meetings are open to the public and are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at our Cleveland location. 

3950 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Board Members

Rashidah Abdulhaqq

Warren Gordon

Alexis Mixon

Randolph Walters

Edward Worthy, Jr.


School Leadership

The school is led by a dedicated administrative team that enables teachers to teach and students to focus on graduation. 



Jaeda Dancy
Principal (Main)

Brian Willmott
Principal (Parma)

Sabrina Dyson
Principal (East)



Melissa Brannon
Enrollment (Main)

Ben Senter
Enrollment (Parma)

Alex Kolb
Enrollment (East)


Teachers and Staff

The teachers at CASTLE High School are committed to your success. 


Deborah McDaniel

Steve Robinson

Laura Carpenter
Social Studies

Jennifer Alfrey
English (Parma)

Tiffany Merritt
Student Support

Science/,Math (Parma)

Mathew Zicheck
Social Studies (Parma)

Debra Vaughn

Linda Foote
Credit Recovery

Rashida Dowd